The Kimberley Club has a tradition all its own with stories not confined to its buildings – stories of its members and of unique associations. It’s seen the “comings and goings” of some of the foremost personalities in the world – has entertained sovereigns, princes & princesses, Governors and high commissioners and has housed legendary figures whose vision and energy have pioneered new territories.

Founded in 1881 by Cecil John Rhodes and the top men in the diamond industry, a visitor once said “the place was stuffed with more millionaires to the square foot than any other place in the world”. Many historic decisions have been made at the club, affecting not only Kimberley, but Southern and Central Africa and the international diamond industry. History has now been rewritten with the comprehensive renovation and refurbishment of the world-famous club – 120 years of history re-shaping the future. Become a member of the fraternity that has shaped the future of South Africa‚Ķlive the dream!!